We believe in active, strong and powerful mums!



For a long time, the mums with the young babies had to give up the fitness almost entirely. They could not join the class or gym as they couldn’t bring their kids with them. At the same time, a lot of creches disappeared, and the babysitter was too expensive.
Every so often, when they eventually found something for mums and babies they would end up in the class which was too easy, dull and which doesn’t bring much to the table.
For some reason, the coaches who run the post-pregnancy fitness believe that the mums can ONLY do very gentle exercises… Breath in, breath out, squeeze in for 3 seconds, yes, well done, tap on the back, no sweat broke, you can go home now.
Why is like that? This ”gentle” approach is so unfair. Mums, like everyone who exercise, want results!
Of course, there are few limitations, and if you are coming back after having a baby or you never exercise before, it is better to start gently.
However, if you were active before the pregnancy, you are cleared by the doctor, you don’t have the gap and your pelvic floor muscles are strong so can crack the walnut; you can do much more than that!
At the Fitmamas we know that. And we will push you but never beyond your limit! We will give you adaptations to work on your own level and we will address any injuries or postnatal problems you might have, so you can become stronger and fitter, fast.
At Fitmamas we believe in active, strong and powerful mums!
What’s the best, you can bring your child (or two, or three if you really want) with you.
It is a truly win-win situation. Your baby can play around and watch you, getting healthier and better, plus you are going to meet other mums, and you will save a lot of money! (no babysitter needed!)
For the last five years, we have helped many dozens of mums to feel healthier, be more confident and be stronger so they can be there, for their babies.
You can be next! Join us today.

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