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What Do the Dentist, Hairdresser And Personal Trainer Have In Common?


You would not go to a dentist if you had problem with your heart, would you?
You wouldn’t go to see hairdressers if you wanted have your nails done, would you?

I’m not body transformation guy, neither a magician and I will not make your fat disappear in 2 weeks. So if you after a miracle, please look somewhere else.

But if you would like to get stronger and fitter and, even better, if you have a marathon or triathlon in 6 months and you want have been in the best chance of finishing it strong and avoid injury along the way, get in touch and let see if we can work together.

I’ve helped several dozen of people achieve their big goals. No dreams are too crazy; you want to run an ultramarathon; why not? When shall we start the training? How about the Ironman? Or swimming the channel?
I believe you can do it; you just need enough time and a smart programme. 

As a coach, I will be in your corner all the time, until you cross the finish line, helping you with the strength training, nutrition, race strategy, equipment, recovery and anything else might be thrown at you. Ask me questions, call me, I am here for you.
You will only need to focus on the training.

It will cost you nothing and I promise will not try to make you part with your money. Life is too short for this.
And if for some reason you decide you don’t like my approach, that’s fine. I rather you to find someone you can trust and become friends with. 

But if you decide to work with me, I will use my all my experience, knowledge and connections to get you into the best shape of your life, leaving you thinking “why I haven’t done it before?”
Let’s go!


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