What is the primary role of a personal trainer?


Hiring personal trainer is the first step. It’s essential, but it will not work if you stop here. You need to be willing to keep your mind open, keep learning and keep challenging your old habits. And those die slow and hard.

The primary role of your personal trainer is to take you on the journey, from where are you at this moment to a healthier, happier you in the future. Hard workouts are only a tiny part of the puzzle. You cannot achieve long-lasting results only by sweating intensively three times per week. It doesn’t work like this, and it takes time, probably longer than you think.

I know that this message flies against all those 1000s Instagram posts promising beach bodies in 4 weeks and influencers promoting miracle shakes for six-packs.
This is a sad reality of today’s world; you are given what you want to click on, not what’s true.
Tried and proven things that work are considered mundane and boring. And this is not good enough for clickbait starved social media.

Your coach should see through this bullshit; he should understand that hard workouts are only a gateway, a portal to show you what’s possible if you put your mind and soul into it.
Hopefully, during your sessions, you will not only sweat a lot, but also you will learn and talk about nutrition, mindset, work/rest balance, your daily habits, about your hobbies. Everything is essential, and every aspect of your life could be and should be tweaked and tuned in to provide a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
It is an incredible feeling when everything “clicks”, and you feel happy and content with your body, with yourself. You eat well, not because you have to, but because this is what you do. You exercise daily, not because someone told you but because you genuinely enjoy it. You walk more, move more, you are generally a happier and better person, husband, wife, colleague, boss, friend.

Can your personal trainer get you there?


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