What it takes to finish the ultramarathon?


What it takes to finish an ultramarathon?

”This is my second time attempting the Hoka Highland Fling – 53 mile ultramarathon.

Not feeling any less nervous than last year. Must think positive thoughts, remind myself that getting to the starting line – doing the training, going to the gym and avoiding injury – that’s victory number one for the day.

First 20 miles to Balmaha flew by and feeling good. From there tiredness creeps in and it’s a slog to Inversnaid (34 miles in) where there’s a scramble over giant slippery boulders and many opportunities for slipping.
But I thought of all the squats Fitness Soul has made me do and thought I’ve got this. I actually went through this section faster than last year!

There are some fantastic views once you’ve passed the scramble, ahead the the sun was shining on the snow covered mountains. Behind was the full length of the loch that you’ve run past. Its another slog home to cross the line at 13 hours and 26 minutes.

Yeah! I’ve earned my glow in the dark Fitness Soul T-Shirt – I don’t stop when I’m tired – I stop when I’m done.”


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