What’s the future of Fitness Soul?


Fitness Soul, as every small, family run business, evolves and grows with their owners. It’s me and Joanna who set the tone, who steer the wheel, who plan ahead. However, we would not be able to pull it off without our lovely coaches and of course you, our members, for whom this place exists in the first place.

First and foremost we are here to help you be fitter and happier. Our payment is in your sweat and smiles at the end of the class. Teaching and Fitness is our passion, and nothing can buy this sense of achievement and satisfaction.

I often joke that if I wanted to be rich, I would become a stockbroker, not a fitness coach.
(If you reading this and you thinking about opening the gym or fitness studio, make sure you understand that! I have warned you!)

For the last couple of years, we have been slowly pulled towards endurance world. Starting with easy obstacle runs, mountain marathons and cycling events, we evolved into the triathlon world.

Now, in less than 2 weeks we will compete in Ironman Italy (3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42km run). This will be my 3rd one and the very first for Joanna! We like to push yourself, so we know how to help you.  The training was hard and long, but we have enjoyed every moment of it!

With us, there will be 2 Fitness Soul members who decided to join us on our journey, Barbara and David. It will also be their first time, and I am sure they will be great!!!

Anyway, what is in for you?

Well, apart from our regular Zumba, kettlebell classes, personal training and Fitmamas, we help our members to choose the right goals and achieve them! Whatever it is, 5km run or swimming marathon, we are here for you! We will help you with the training and with choosing the right event. Like we helped Alex and Lucy who will compete in their first triathlon (Duke)

Watch this space. We have many great things prepared for this winter, like Endurance Strong Club and Foxlake Trial Running to name few.Get involved,  give us a shout!

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