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Where did the summer go?


For the first time in a long time, we in Britain have had an actual summertime. With a home nations team doing well in the football (of course we all cheered for them!) and July temperatures soaring into the 30s on a regular basis, it seems like we actually had a summer to sing about this year.

Summer is, of course, the best time of year for Fitness Soul customers – suns out, guns out and all that.

Beach Zumba, the big metal grill open, it’s genuinely been like training somewhere glamourous like, well, Edinburgh. Because, truly, we are more spoiled than we realise here.

Quite apart from having all the equipment you need to build a strong body, healthy mind and beautiful soul right here in Tennant Street, Edinburgh has such a rich variety of places to go and be active and healthy.

We more parks than almost any city or town in the UK.

We have rivers, lakes, the sea and a volcano for Pete’s sake, right here in the city!

Obviously, my bootcampers are at an advantage because they’ve forged iron-hardened abs of steel whilst having fun, so they are all cavorting in the sunshine and enjoying their buns of steel. Yet with only a few short weeks before autumn returns and the ice forms on the mats during the night again, let’s drop the excuses, grab the diem firmly by it’s carpe and commit to ending summer on a high.

Whether that’s the free kettlebells taster class, the Duke Triathlon, Zumba, Core, Pound or (the best) Bootcamp (in Edinburgh) we have something for you!

See you back indoors soon!


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