Where to Get Fit in Edinburgh? 7 Best Independent Gyms in Edinburgh.


When it comes to the fitness scene in Edinburgh, those who want to get in shape will be spoiled with the choices. From the city-run Edinburgh Leisure, offering unbeatable value and variety, through the big gym chains, some very cheap, some very posh, and smaller independent places, outdoor boot camps and personal trainers you will find your fitness oasis. 

Your choice may depend on many aspects like locations, accessibility, price etc.

Remember, there are no bad places, but some will suit your needs more, and you will reach your fitness goals faster if you chose wisely. 

In 2020 a savvy fitness goer will need something more than a timetable full of random classes, hi-tech machines and shouting instructor slash motivator slash drill sergeant straight from the two days fitness course. 

The place you are looking for are like small gems, often hidden and out of the beaten track. Local, small and independent, run by passionate, knowledgeable coaches, with a proven track record, who are on the mission helping people become the best version of themselves. 

So how to find those places you might ask? 

Actually, you don’t need to do anything, you will hear about them from your best friend who has recently lost weight, got incredibly fit, is happier and more optimistic because she has found a community of likeminded people who support and motivate each other. 

Some of our fitness recommendations in Leith and Edinburgh are:

Private studio in Leith has been helping people get fit since 2005.

K1 and kickboxing heaven in Edinburgh.

If you live and breath obstacle training and your goal are smashing the next Tough Mudder, this place is for you! 

World-class kickboxing classes for all ages,

in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Twenty years of indoor cycling experience, using simple movements on the bike to structure and optimize each workout.

Hands-down, the Best Crossfit gym in Edinburgh

The home of Muay Thai in Edinburgh

the best gym in edinburgh

Do you think we should add your local gym to this list? Get in touch and let us know why! 





As you probably guessed, here at Fitness Soul we help busy people lose weight, get fit and feel fantastic! We aim to spread our passion for exercising & healthy lifestyle and for helping & inspiring others. 

Fitness Soul was created by myself and my wife, Joanna Weintritt. 

Fitness is a massive part of our lives; we still both actively coaching every day, and we are involved in the club’s daily operations. Only sometimes we take part in Ironman Triathlon or other crazy endurance events 🙂 

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