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Which wetsuit should I buy?


Few people asked me recently what kind of wetsuit I recommend. And my answer is always ”it depends”.

I have four wetsuits—two for open water swimming (old one for training and a new one for racing) another one for swim-run and another one for freediving. If I were into surfing or kitesurfing, I would probably get another one.
My point is, most wetsuits will make you warmer and will allow staying longer in water, but there are different wetsuits for different needs.
Open water swimming wetsuit has very thin shoulder, so you can move your arms easier. Freediving wetsuit has a hood and is very thick. Swimrun one has a zip in front, and often no arm or legs.

So, before I answer your question, tell me more what do you want to do?

I only want to go to the water. I don’t swim 

In this case, any wetsuit will be sufficient. I would go for something cheap, like this:


I want to start learning how to swim. 

Ok, in this case, you should get a swimming wetsuit. Go for the basic model, like this.

I am a swimmer, but I never swam in the open water 

What’s your budget? You can get decent wetsuit for £150 ( or splash £600 (wow!

Is it worth it to spend more?

Probably, but only if you are a very good swimmer/triathlete who competes. Otherwise, I don’t think you will notice a big difference.
Instead of going for the most expensive wetsuit, try to get the one which fits. It is a trial and error game. Try a few and choose the most comfortable. There is a catch tho, more you spent on the wetsuit, more fragile it will be. Be worn, keep those nails short!

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