Why Should You Choose A Local Gym Over A Chain?


Find out why Toni has cancelled her membership at the chain gym and joined local gym – Fitness Soul – instead.

”I’ve joined Fitness Soul at the start of Lockdown for the zoom Bootcamp classes thinking that was only a short-term as I was holding a membership with another gym that closed for this period.

Five months later and with gyms reopening soon I’ve decided to stay at Fitness Soul longer as I’ve met a bunch of people who are very supporting and encouraging and share similar fitness goals to mine.

In my experience, you can train anywhere but what makes the difference is the people you are doing it with.

At Fitness Soul everyone makes you feel welcome and included, which was quite important during the lockdown.

I would recommend Fitness Soul to anyone who is looking to improve/maintain their fitness and at the same time want to be surrounded by a friendly/helpful community like this one.”
People stay with us, not because of a small print but because they love the results they achieve with us.

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