Zumba Masterclass Donna Giffen and Joanna Weintritt


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Come and join Zumba Educational Specialist and International Presenter Donna Giffen, Fitness Presenter (and host) Joanna Weintritt and local ZINs for an energising Friday night shindig to a great mix of tunes & chores that are old, classic, favourite & new and get ready for your weekend ahead!!


Zumba Masterclass with Donna Giffen and Joanna Weintritt












When: Friday  21st of April at 6.30pm – 8 pm

Where: Thomas Morton Hall,

28 Ferry Road

EH6 4AE Edinburgh

TICKETS are on sale – BOOK NOW

Prices :

Early Bird -£12
Advance – £15
On The Day – £19



We have all the bookings online, and there will be a guest list at the door. You don’t need any confirmation. The venue is behind the Leith Library. There is FREE parking on the streets nearby, and you can park on single yellow from 6.30pm.

Scottish-born Donna Giffen worked in musical theatre & TV for 13 years as an actor, singer, dancer and acrobat in the UK and US.
During a spell performing in Los Angeles, she discovered Zumba Fitness, was instantly hooked and has never looked back. Donna joined the Zumba® Education Team in 2009 and has been very fortunate to travel the world representing the Zumba® brand as an Education Specialist and Presenter for various events including Conventions, Fitness Concerts, STV Live & Online, TV3 Ireland, This Morning, Zumba® Fitness Instructional DVDs.
Donna is also an owner at The Soul Works, a company who’s mission is to inspire people to live their highest vision through which you will find goodness at The Soul Barn & Soul Jars®, as well as Life Coaching, Private/Group Meditation, Reiki, Empowerment Workshops & more.

If you have few minutes (actually 59 ;-)) listen to Donna on one of our podcasts. It’s truly inspiring and uplifting https://fitnesssoul.co.uk/podcast-3/donna-


Polish-born Fitness Instructor Joanna Weintritt has always been connected to fitness, dance & sport. From an early age, she was dancing, playing team sports, running, cycling, hill walking & training in gymnastics.
Her love & passion for movement & dance led her to the fitness industry. She is not only spreading her passion for exercise & a healthy, happy lifestyle on her regular classes, she is also regularly presenting at major conventions throughout the UK, and she has delivered workshops in Poland, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India & Morocco.
Joanna is a Director and Co-Founder of Fitness Soul and is one of the most popular group exercise instructors in Scotland.

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